132 – Ceatano Velosa

132 – Ceatano Velosa

Ceatano Velosa

This is Ceatano Velosa with an eponymous release, apparently under duress and in protest at the the Brazilian dictatorship of the time. The album is variously bosa nova, acoustic then crazily anarchic and psychedelic at the end.  I’m really liking the ideas here and I have a feeling Paul Simon has been here as well, not to mention David Byrne.

‘The Empty Boat’ is the only mainly English sung track and the lyrics are heavy, downbeat and slightly depressing, reflecting the times in Brazil.

From the rudder to the sail
Oh, my boat is empty
Yes, my hand is empty
From the wrist to the nail

‘Marinheiro Só’ is a really nice track and it evokes Narcos (Netflix series) for me. ‘Cambalache’ is a jaunty track and otherwise I get the reasons why this is in here. But there’s not much more for me here, long term.

Album – Ceatano Velosa
Artist – Ceatano Velosa
Favourite Tracks – Marinheiro Só, The Empty Boat
Released – 1968
Rating – 7.5
Time – 41’26”
Tracks – 11


Source – Tidal
Player/Streamers – Moon 390 streaming pre amplifier
Amplifier/DAC – Moon 330A power amplifier
Output – JERN 14 DS supported by REL T/5i
Cables – Nordost incl. interconnects, speaker and power leads
Next Album – 133 – Scott 2 by Scott Walker

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