True Meanings

True Meanings

Paul Weller

True Meanings is the new release today from Paul Weller. I think it says everything that the music that I’ve enjoyed most in the last two weeks has been by Paul McCartney (Egypt Station), Paul Simon (In the Blue Light) and now Paul Weller’s ‘True Meanings’. Paul McCartney’s album is surprising, melodic and very enjoyable, I like it a lot. Paul Simon’s reworked back catalogue ‘In the Blue Light’ is soft and delicate, very mellow and it sounds absolutely beautiful in the right place and time.

True Meanings, like In the Blue Light, is similarly a rather mellow affair with acoustic guitars and careful orchestration throughout the release. We are all mellowing with age, abandoning playlists in favour of albums because we can’t be bothered is one of the first signs that has affected me! Here Paul Weller is presumably reflecting on his career wistfully, with a proper album. There is lots of blue sky (‘Aspects’), autumn (‘Glide’) and Movin’ On (Movin’ On). It all adds up to a very pleasant and quiet space in time. Hard to think this is the same Weller who penned ‘Eton Rifles’ and ‘In the City’ some forty years ago.

‘God is only a melody’

I love the track ‘Bowie’ with a slight south London accent from Weller, not mocking, but playing fond tribute to the loss of David Bowie. ‘God is only a melody’ laments Weller and then the Eton Rifle reminds us to:


‘Awaken all the ghosts in your mind
Speak of all the good that you find
Live and learn that life is not unkind
Understand the demons that you fight’

‘Wishing Well’, that follows ‘Bowie’, could indeed be straight off ‘Hunky Dory’, Bowie’s greatest album. I wonder ‘What would he would say?’, another beautiful and reflective track.

Overall I love the gentle nature in this album, summed up on the final track ‘May Love Travel With You’. The final three tracks on the album are possibly the strongest and most heartfelt. I must also comment that from my perspective the recording is beautifully crisp and clear on my system and the acoustic guitar is front and centre of the presentation. Beautiful all round.


Track Ratings:

1. The Soul Searchers  ***
2. Glide  ****
3. Mayfly  ****
4. Gravity  *****
5. Old Castles  ****
6. What Would He Say?  ****
7. Aspects  ***
8. Bowie *****
9. Wishing Well  *****
10. Come Along  ****
11. Books  ****
12. Movin’ On  *****
13. May Love Travel With You  *****
14. White Horses  ****

Album – True Meanings
Artist – Paul Weller
Released – 14th September 2018
Download These At Least – Bowie, Gravity, Books, Movin’ On

Source – Tidal MQA
Player – Bluesound Node
Amplification – T+A DAC 8/AMP 8
Output – JERN 14DS with REL T/5i

Tracks – 14
Time – 54′ 48″
My Rating – 4.3 (out of 5)  Love it, buy it.

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