Naim Launch Event – Loud and Clear Glasgow

Naim Launch Event – Loud and Clear Glasgow

There will be a launch event in Glasgow hosted by Loud and Clear on August 23rd to celebrate the introduction of Naim‘s brand new range of music streamers.  The event will be the exclusive Scottish launch of the flagship Naim ND555. I won’t be able to make this event with Loud and Clear, but I would if I could. 

The ND555 combines Naim’s most advanced streaming platform with their classic analogue technology to let the music flow with astonishing ease and to deliver a uniquely engaging performance.

NAC 552 pre amplifier

The launch event will take place at the stylish Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow’s West End from 7-9pm on 23rd August 2018.

The ND555/555PS (£19,599) will be showcased as part of a NAC552/NAP500 reference system. Representatives from both Naim Audio and Loud & Clear will be on hand to answer any questions. Visitors will be assured of great tunes on an amazing hi-fi system!

Based out of extensive showrooms in Glasgow, Loud & Clear has been designing supplying, installing and supporting Naim hi-fi systems for over 20 years.  To attend the event – contact Barbra on 0141 221 0221, email, or register at Eventbrite.
Hotel information here.

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