I’ll be your Girl

I’ll be your Girl

The Decemberists

I’ll be your Girl is MY first ‘New Music’ of 2018, in April! I think this says it all for me, New Music wise. Anyway, I’m very happy to report that this album by The Decemberists is very good indeed.  I really liked the album The King is Dead, back a few years ago now but I have tuned out of their music recently. I played ‘Don’t Carry It All’ for many a year and with the addition of a synthesiser, this is back to form for the Decemberists.  The opening track is certainly a good anthemic start and ‘Cutting Stone’ gets in your ear for a good time after you’ve heard it.  I’m listening to this album through a Moon 600i v2 and it sounds epic. The good sound continues with a bizarrely jaunty ‘All Die Young’ and concludes with the title track ‘I’ll be your Girl’. All in all a good album and finally something I really appreciated and enjoyed.

Once in my life – *****
Cutting Stone – ***
Severed – ****
Starwatcher – ****
Tripping Along – ***
Your Ghost – ***
Everything is Awful – **
Sucker’s Prayer – ****
We All Die Young – ****
Rusulka, Rusalka/ The Wild Rushes – ***
I’ll be you Girl – ****

Album – I’ll be you Girl
Artist – The Decemberists
Released – 16th March 2018
Download This At Least – Once in my Life, Cutting Stone
Source – Tidal
Player – Oppo Sonica DAC
Amplification/Output – Moon 600i v2/KEF R700
My Rating – 3.5

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