TIBO Bond Mini Wi-Fi Audio Streamer

TIBO Bond Mini Wi-Fi Audio Streamer

This is my look at the TIBO Bond Mini Wi-Fi Audio Streamer. This a small Wireless high-resolution audio receiver for streaming digital music via the internet to an existing analogue system. It uses the multi room TIBO app that worked so well when I reviewed the Tibo Kameleon 6 a few weeks back.

The Premise

TIBO Bond MiniThis is a tiny (Mini) USB powered black box that sits on your WiFi system and it enables you to stream music without upgrading to a huge and fancy streaming player.  For example if you have a cool CD player or turntable and Amp into speakers you could simply buy this and stream Tidal or Spotify, from your smartphone seamlessly, with the right account, etc.  You access the TIBO Bond Mini through the TIBO App which is free and very intuitive.

You can connect your smartphone via WiFi, Bluetooth, or the included Micro USB cable.  Then it connects to your Amp using the included 3.5mm line out cable

TIBO Bond Mini Dimensions

Width:  55mm,  Depth:  55mm  Height:  19.7mm

Weight:  40g


Lindy 4 Gang USB Plug

Love this handy…

I have powered my TIBO Bond Mini with the USB cable provided in the box using a Lindy 4 gang USB plug (brilliant by the way).  Then I have connected a 3.5mm line out to Phono connection into my old school Roksan K2.

Then, simply, download the App (I had it already), fire it up.  Hit the WPS button on the TIBO Bond Mini and wait for it to sync to the network.  Then you are away, couldn’t be easier.  There’s a QR code on the Tibo Audio site or in the instructions.


I have connected my TIBO Bond Mini to an old school Roksan K2 using the line output.  I have a pair of equally old school B&W CM7s connected for the review so this is possibly quite typical of an analogue set-up that may need a digital upgrade.  Using the App I am straight into my listening playlists, the App is pretty intuitive.

The sound performance is really good, resolution is fine and it all reminds me of how the Roksan K2 really rocks.  In respect of rhythm and tone I think there may be better streaming solutions out there if you are after a more audiophile experience but not at this price.  This little wizard is such an attractive price it is a good place to start if you are on a more budget system (let’s say).  I really cannot see what there is to worry about with this digital streaming solution. Compared to the existing T+A CD player I have this is a pretty flexible listening solution.

Yesterday I hooked up the Bond Mini to my daughter’s even older school Onkyo CD receiver in her room and she can now stream Spotify and the like.  Result!

The Tibo has Bluetooth but I’ve actually found no need for it with the App and just using WiFi but it boasts aptX codec so it should sound fine.


… a great solution to the modern problem of upgrading old stereos, without spending hundreds of pounds

This is a really great upgrade to an old style system for the price.  Currently (Jan 2018), on Amazon this TIBO Bond Mini is £50 quid, amazing.  If you are after a more Audiophile solution for a higher end existing stereo I think you are in Arcam rPlay, Auralic Aries Mini or Bluesound Node (2) territory but these are 6-10 times more than this if we are honest.  So there it is, a great solution to the modern problem of upgrading old stereos without spending hundreds of pounds.


Tibo App





Bluetooth option (not tested)


What more do you want?

TIBO Bond Mini is designed and developed in the UK.  I love this crazy TIBO Bond Mini You Tube Promo and there is more from Tibo here.

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