Coming Up – Jern Speakers

Coming Up – Jern Speakers

Coming Up on, next week, my look at the incredible cast iron Jern speakers, 14 kg a piece.  They’re here, accompanied by a REL subwoofer screwed onto a massive cast iron base and a Parasound Class A amplifier to drive it all along.

I saw these Jern speakers at Birmingham last month and, quite honestly, this exact set-up with an iPhone as the source was mind blowing at the cost of the whole set-up compared to lot of stuff that was there.

Also coming up (ideally tomorrow), my review of the very, very excellent Auralic Polaris ‘all-in-one’ box.  And then the Oppo Sonica streaming DAC will follow this at the end of the week.  There will also be a review of Kamasi Washington’s latest contemporary jazz album, it might be called an EP in the 80s.


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