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Coming Up on

Q Acoustics 500 rear

Well I’m back from holidays so coming up on at the end of summer will be my review of the new Q Acoustics Concept 500 speakers, nothing short of a pair of blockbusters.  I really cannot wait, I saw these at Bristol earlier this year.  Take a look at the Concept 500 speakers here.

QED Supremus

I’ll also be looking at the QED Supremus cable with both the Concept 500s and with my KEF R700s, in place of my usual Atlas Mavros Cables.

Oppo UDP-205

Also coming up will be a look at the Pioneer SC-LX59 AV Receiver. I’m not really into AV, I just can’t be doing with the cables and the mess but this was too good an opportunity to miss. I should be having the new Oppo UDP-205 4K UHD Blu Ray Disc player soon which I will hook up to the Pioneer but I will be mainly looking at the 205 as a CD player as the audio spec is an audiophile dream.

More here on the Oppo UDP-205

Pioneer SC-LX59 AV Receiver

In the end, I have ended up looking at the Pioneer SC-LX59 AV Receiver as a Bose acoustimass replacement for a cinema room.   I’ll explain in due course at the risk of running the gauntlet of the Bose Bashers out there!

I am also looking forward to listening to the very new Oppo Sonica DAC, that may have been an HA-1 upgrade but without a headphone out it just wont be, however, the Chinese stable sounds good, from blu ray disc players to headphones so there is much to look forward to this Summer/Autumn.

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