T+A CALA SR and CALA CDR now available

T+A CALA SR and CALA CDR now available


Illuminated plinth – CALA CDR.

T+A has announced that their streaming ‘all in one’ CALA has been upgraded and is now available as the CALA SR or CALA CDR. The CALA was an superb one box streaming amplifier and it has  received an upgrade and the CDR has a CD player which is great news.

It sounds like the craftsmanship, simplicity of operation and compactness have been retained by T+A.  The new CALA SR and CALA CDR have an illuminated base as an option for all those who like a bit of extra style and a talking point in the room.  The amplifier section features 100W into 4 Ohms and there is a wide range of input options, the back looks very comprehensive.


Rear view – CALA CDR.

The CALA Receivers, CALA SR and CALA CDR are available now from T+A authorised specialist dealers.

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