Artnovion new Acoustic Panels

Artnovion new Acoustic Panels

Acoustic wall and ceiling panel manufacturer, Artnovion, has just launched a range of beautiful multi-dimensional panels that enhance the acoustics in any living space, so adding the ultimate element to a home cinema or Hi-Fi set up whilst looking absolutely stunning.

Having just installed an acoustic solution in our local village hall recently and saved a few off cuts (all properly declared) I know the value of even a little bit of sound absorption, they have certainly cut down the resonance in my listening space.

Artnovion have also recently launched their new Impulso Architect app, which has been created to detect the audio resonances of a room/space to work out the best acoustic set-up/installation to maximise sound quality on every level.  This new app and new panel finishes were all launched at the Munich High End Hi-Fi show earlier this year.Kalahari

Artnovion new Acoustic Panels – Kalahari

Kalahari is a new addition to Artnovion’s High End range. Inspired by the Sahara absorber, with an elegant tessellated design.

Premium Metallic Finishes

A new collection of finishes is now available for the High End range – Rose Gold, Classic Gold and Bronze.Artnovion new Acoustic Panels

App Architecture – Impulso Architect app

A high-accuracy acoustic app has been specially developed for the architectural market. This easy-to-use app provides you with all the information you need for designing and projecting acoustic treatment, including target RT, acoustic metrics (D50, C80, STI and Bass Ratio), and also a comprehensive Energy Time Curve plot and frequency plot.  The App is linked below, and it looks pretty cool to me.

Download the Impulso App here:

website for more information

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