125 – United States of America

125 – United States of America

United States of America

More self indulgent sixties psychedelia, this time from a raging Communist who started recording with his ex-girlfriend for some reason. I personally am not getting this as Music, if I am honest. Still, you have to listen to the bad ones to appreciate the good. ‘Love Song…’ is almost a track but the lyrics are pretty hard to understand. Stranded in Time is an interesting track too. I’m just wondering if the Beatles influenced this fragmented ending to the album.

Album – United States of America
Artist – United States of America
Favourite Track – Love Song for the Dead Che
Released – 1968
Rating – 5.1 (Not as good as Nico)
Time – 66′ 25″ (37’07” on the original)
Tracks – 20 (10 on the original, I’m streaming an extended version, unfortunately)

Source – Qobuz
Player/Streamers – Lightning DS/Auralic Altair
Amplifier/DAC – T+A AMP 8
Output – B&W CM7
Next Album – 126 – Gris-Gris by Dr John, The Night Tripper

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