124 –  Cheap Thrills

124 – Cheap Thrills

Big Brother and the Holding Company

Another long break from the 1001 albums quest, again, it is a routine thing I’m struggling with. But here we go again.

Big Brother and the Holding Company, raw, caustic, funky sixties guitars and loads of energy but not really very interesting for me, sadly. Loads of drug infused rambling guitar solos too. I do like the sixties vibe though. Janis Joplin’s vocal dominates this record and she must have had a sore throat after this! Big Brother broke through after a performance at the then famous Monterrey Pop Festival in 1967. The highlight, possibly because it is the better song on the album is ‘A Piece of my Heart’, which is in fact a cover of Erma Franklin’s song. Joplins left Big Brother at its chart peak but failed to find greater success before joining Jimi Hendrix in the ‘Rock n Roll 27 Club’ in 1970 (Hendrix died three weeks before Joplin).

Album – Cheap Thrills
Artist – Big Brother and the Holding Company
Favourite Track – Piece of my Heart (a cover of Erma Franklin’s song), Turtle Blues
Released – 1968
Rating – 7.5
Time – 54’47”
Tracks – 11

Source – Qobuz
Player/Streamers – Lightning DS/Auralic Altair
Amplifier/DAC – T+A AMP 8
Output – B&W CM7
Next Album – 125 – United States of America – United States of America

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