Record Store Day 22/4/17

Record Store Day 22/4/17

On Saturday (22nd April 2017) it is Record Store Day in the UK.  It will be the 10th Anniversary of this industry event.  Record Store Day was set up to “celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store”.  It is not vinyl record day, as I thought it was to be honest.

I am minded to think of my formative years buying records at Gray’s Records in East Grinstead in the 80s.  Flicking through New Order 12 inches and walking down the High Street with my purchase in a pink bag was considered distinctly cool in those happy times.    I think Gray’s Records went the way of ‘Our Price’, and then who knows where.  I’ve just found the pink bag in question, it says Canterbury, but there was definitely one in East Grim too, look here!

Anyway get out there, I have ‘Head’ in Leamington Spa near me and they are in the game. I think I may aim for the 50th Anniversary Penny Lane 7″ which looks very interesting/collectable.  Follow this link to find your nearest participating record store.  Record Store Day

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