TIDAL launches ‘TIDAL Master’ Audio

TIDAL launches ‘TIDAL Master’ Audio

Happy New Year everyone.

Tidal has today launched a new ‘TIDAL Master’ Audio feature, that will feature MQA technology for a series of albums, bringing high quality ‘studio authenticated’ music to their ‘HiFi’ TIDAL Mastersubscription.  

TIDAL Master will be available for the desktop app, initially, with Chrome web integration set to follow.

This a very exciting start to the new year and it means we can expect a new swathe of albums to be available on Tidal with ‘Master Quality Authentication’ as delivered by MQA.  The files should have a higher resolution and feature the studio mix recorded/authenticated by the artist but the files are folded into smaller file sizes enabling more data to be streamed to the listener, thus delivering a higher quality audio product.

Visit TIDAL.com/Masters to learn more

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