Arcam rPlay Streaming DAC launched

Arcam rPlay Streaming DAC launched

Arcam has announced the launch of the Arcam rPlay Streaming DAC that will affordably enable DTS Play-Fi, Apple AirPlay and local UPnP Local Network support.  It is an Arcam rPlay Streaming DACobvious idea complimenting the Arcam range of superb computer and other streaming products, like the irDAC II, reviewed here.  The Arcam rPlay Streaming DAC is priced at £399 GBP all in.  This is going to be a really neat piece of kit.

The Arcam rPlay Streaming DAC will be available from February this year.  It is being launched at the Bristol HiFi show.  PlayFi can support multi-room applications to different systems, making it a rather flexible alternative to Sonos if you have existing systems dotted around, it also supports lossless file sharing and can be used with Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, Pandora and Amazon Prime with other solutions coming online.

The key features of the Arcam rPlay Streaming DAC  are listed here:

– Add DTS PlayFi, Apple AirPlay & UPnP to any system
– Free DTS PlayFi app available for iOS & Android
– Free Arcam MusicLife app for UPnP music streaming from PC/Mac and NAS Drive
– 24 bit / 192 kHz resolution
– Class leading quality fixed & variable analogue outputs
– SPDIF output for external DACs / AVRs etc
– Arcam High-end audio circuitry throughout

Play Fi

Play-Fi is coming big time.  It can send audio from mobile devices or streaming services to speakers throughout the home using proprietary streaming, synchronization, and authentication technology.  It is Hi Res Lossless transmission, is multi-room and works over standard Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Powerline networks.  It is compatible with Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Windows PCs.  There’s a load more on Play Fi here.





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