123 – The Notorious Byrd Brothers

123 – The Notorious Byrd Brothers

The Byrds

The Notorious Byrd Brothers is the rangy, staccato, fifth album from the Byrds, reflecting their disintegration and various fallings out. The lack of ‘albumness’ or continuity is evident in the range of styles that includes Country and Western, Psychedelic Rock, Synthesizer riffs, guns, bullets and dolphin noises. But there are nice moments, “Goin’ Back” is probably one of the more identifiable ‘in the style of the Byrds’ songs, along with ‘Born to Follow’ and ‘Change is Now’. “Goin’ Back” is, in fact, a cover and one of the myriad reasons why Dave Crosby left the band during the recording of this album, viewing a cover as a step backwards. You would certainly put this album firmly in the 1960s, and this album represents The Byrds’ high point, according to All Music and Rolling Stone. I agree.

Album – The Notorious Byrd Brothers
Artist – The Byrds
Favourite Track – Wasn’t Born to Follow, Change is Now
Released – Jan 1968
Rating – 7.7
Time – 47’54”
Tracks – 17

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