Coming Up – Oppo HA-2 SE v HA-2

Coming Up – Oppo HA-2 SE v HA-2

I’ll get the HA-2 SE v HA-2 review out before Christmas, but I think if you were in any doubt that the new SE was a bit of a cheek, the new ES9028-Q2M DAC chip is the latest flagship mobile DAC developed by ESS Technology. On very first listen, get it plugged in and compare it quickly to the HA-2, it is wider and a fraction deeper with the PM-3s I’m using.    Ideal for a music lover on the move, love it (I get NO commission, promise!).

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Love the internal picture, you get what you may for, these days!ha-2-internal-vertical


If you can’t wait… take a look here

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