Polk Audio Swimmer Duo

Polk Audio Swimmer Duo

Another Bluetooth speaker but this one is particularly fun, the Polk Audio Swimmer Duo is very portable and is waterproof, dirtproof and shockproof.   It features an interchangeable base that allows you to either coil it on something or simply stick it to a suitable surface through suction.


A Bluetooth speaker but this one is particularly fun, the Polk Audio Swimmer Duo is very portable and is waterproof, dirtproof and shockproof


Design and Quality

The Polk Audio Swimmer Duo is nicely packaged and has an air of quality about it.  The Duo is supplied with a USB/micro USB charger.  It also has two interchangeable bases as indicated above.  Polk Audio Swimmer DuoThe sort of ‘tail’ base allows you to loop it onto just about anything from a bed post to a bicycle handlebar, it is a soft feel rubber moulded affair that is stiff and effective.  The suction cup attachment is excellent and seems to stick to everything, there’s a release tab to ‘un-suck’ it!

On the side of the main speaker body is a power button, a pairing button (if you have two) and then volume control.  Input is Bluetooth mainly, there is a line in but it is behind the base which is screwed on so it is less accessible.

Quick start guide is superb, one of the best.  The Polk Audio Swimmer Duo can be paired for a stereo sound if you have two, I don’t, but I imagine in a shower that could be rather cool.


The sound reproduction from this speaker is pretty good, likely owing to the strong fixing that secures the speaker to most surfaces, particularly the suction cup.  The main feature of this mini marvel, for me, is that I can Bluetooth Test Match Special into the shower so that I can stay in touch with the latest England batting collapse at all times (Only kidding boys, keep up the good work in India!).  dsc_0011

It is waterproof, I’ve dropped it in the sink and had it in the shower, it is fine either way.  It is definitely shock proof, having dropped it from around six foot in height in the shower as I was fixing it to the tiles but it still works.  Obviously, it is huge fun for kids in the bath or shower but the phone needs to be well away from the water!

The speaker has a telephone answering mechanism although I have not tried this, I think it is answering only to be honest, if I get there, I’ll write a comment.


It sounds really good, at this price it should.  There is a good deep sound associated with the reproduction.  It does not sound cheap like some of these can do.  Polk Audio is a big American company driven by a passion for music.  This passion comes through in the sound and I look forward to hearing about further products from Polk Audio.

More information about the Polk Audio Swimmer Duo is here.

The Polk Audio Swimmer Duo is available from Amazon here.  It can be found cheaper than this though, nearer to £50.

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