Arcam Solo price drop

Arcam Solo price drop

Arcam has announced an Arcam Solo price drop just in time for Christmas.  The Solo Music was wonderful, my review is here.  The Solo is a compelling streaming solution for local and internet, including Tidal & Qobuz PLUS the all-important disc playing capability.  The movie version is the same but is AV all the way and is similarly brilliant.  Here are the price changes.

Solo Music Stereo – £1299 – (was £1599)
Solo Movie 2.1 – £1499 – (was £1799)
Solo Movie 5.1 – £1799 – (was £2199)

Also announced is a price drop on other Hi-Fi components.  The FMJ A19 has been discontinued due to component supply problems, so Arcam has adjusted pricing to make the Class G range hugely more competitive and tweaked the disc player prices to match.  Here are the revised prices.

A29 – 75 wpc Class G amp – £849 – (was £999)
A39 – 125 wpc Class G amp – £1249 – (was £1599)

CSDS27 – CD/SACD/Streaming – £699
UDP411 – Blu-ray/DVD/CD/SACD – £799

More information here.

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