Pioneer XDP-300R adds balanced output to portable DAP line-up

Pioneer XDP-300R adds balanced output to portable DAP line-up


Balanced output included

Pioneer, on Tuesday, announced it was introducing the Pioneer XDP-300R to its range of portable high res music players, that includes the rather lovely, recently reviewed, XDP-100R.  The Pioneer XDP-300R will feature dual ESS DACs alongside a fully balanced pre-amp circuit with a new dedicated balanced output.  The Pioneer XDP-300R supports DSD, PCM to 24 bits and up to 384kHz and includes MQA support.

Here’s the feature list for the Pioneer XDP-300R

  • Freedom of Google Play
  • Access to Google Play opens the capabilities of XDP-300R beyond what’s built in, like streaming music, video, and games. (Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL are included among “Useful Apps” tab)
  • Multiple connectivity methods with high-quality audio outputs and wireless functionality
  • Digital output through Micro USB/OTG support allows for both high-quality output via the headphone jack and peripheral connections.
  • 3.5mm stereo mini output (w/Line out mode)
  • 2.5mm balanced headphone output
  • Micro USB/OTG digital output supports up to DSD 11.2MHz and 24bit/384kHz (DoP/Direct Transfer/PCM conversion)
  • Wireless high res audio with Apt-X support via Bluetooth
  • “Play Thru” function supports WiFi, WiFi Direct playback up to 24bit/192kHz (via free update)
  • Playback support of up to DSD 11.2MHz, 24bit/384kHz bit FLAC/WAV files
  • Industry first support of MQA lossless format
  • Support for over 500GB (32GB internal + dual microSD)
  • Direct download of music from OnkyoMusic service without the need of a PC
  • 6 built in sound adjustment (Lock range adjust, digital filter, up sampling to 384kHz, Realtime DSD conversion to 5.6MHz, High Precision EQ, Club Sound Boost)
  • Innovative new GUI with quick access to frequently used playlists and EQ setting directly above and below the play screen accessible with the flick of a finger and physical buttons for alltransport controls for ‘no look’ operation.
  • transport controls for ‘no look’ operation.
  • Easy music file transfers from your PC to the player via X-DAP link or drag and drop
  • Volume knob with 161 step positions for fine granular control
  • Rigid machined aluminium body design

Available in late October, the Pioneer XDP-300R is available in black or silver with a UK SRP of £599.99.

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