119 – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

119 – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

Laura Nyro

1001 Albums is back – Laura Nyro with some nice groovy vibes here, jazzy and folky, many of which have a staccato tempo that is often annoying. This record was an early recording produced by David Geffen, what happened to him!!!

‘Poverty Train ‘and ‘Stoned Soul Picnic’ allude to a drug styled lifestyle that must surely have controversial in these times. Brought together with death and drunken references in the lyrics, this is an interesting album that must surely have influenced those female singer-songwriters who followed. The album was barely a hit record, but was critically well received and continues to be well regarded, hence its inclusion here in 1001 albums. Not the most exciting return to 1001 Albums but I’ll be honest, I skipped over Johnny Cash At Fulsom Prison, I just can’t be doing with him, I’ll do him tomorrow!!

Album – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
Artist – Laura Nyro
Favourite Track – Stoned Soul Picnic (also covered and was a hit for 5th Dimension)
Released – 1968
Rating – 6.5
Time – 46.09
Tracks – 13

Source – Tidal
Player/Streamers – (Repaired) HP laptop then iMAC
Amplifier/DAC – T+A DAC 8 + AMP 8 then Audio Pro LV33
Output – B&W CM7 then Audio Pro LV33

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