Aerix Brand Launch

Aerix Brand Launch

Aerix – Whereas air is to breathing, atmosphere is to feeling

Launched today (4th October 2016), a new audio brand Aerix.  It looks great, it is like Alienware for Audio.

An atmosphere, says co-designer Jimmy, is the art of creating a surrounding. So goes the launch of Aerix, a new brand with their first product revealed today the ‘Duet’.  Aerix is named after the Latin for atmosphere (Aeris) before you ask.   The Duet is a pair of very stylish boxes on an aluminium plinth presented as an integrated music centre.  The system features full DNLA/Wi-Fi support (using DTS Play-Fi), AptX Bluetooth, and a slot-loading CD player.  It is really neat and has just one power lead coming into the set-up.

Sitting on the aluminium base are two states of the art components linked through the base unit. The boxes feature a down firing 5.25cm subwoofer and two transducers producing a 360-degree ‘atmosphere’.   One of the boxes has an 8x8x8 dot matrix display that is very cool looking, listing track information or the time or the source, etc, whilst the other features one of those old fashioned CD players that used to be so popular!!!  Although I poke fun at the CD slot in jest, it could be the ace in the pack here as many hi level streaming devices do not have a CD player and many households still revolve around them (mine especially, how else do you play ‘Now 94’ if you are 8 years old?).

The Duet features as high spec DSP capable of delivering CD Quality playback, from the likes of Tidal. There are an App control and a nifty remote control for controlling the obvious. The Music Centre has FM, with DAB coming at a future date, and can be multi-roomed, although at the suggested retail price, this maybe a fraction fanciful, see below.

French industrial designer Jules Parmienter explained to that the design concept, with straight lines and minimal features, is meant to be timeless.  I think he achieved his objective, the brushed metal mesh finish is very tactile.

Aerix’s launch today, at the stylish Percy & Founder in London West 1, was a very pleasant affair indeed and reflected the influence of the French designers alongside Taiwanese electronic efficiency.  Aerix has other products to follow, but this is an impressive introduction.  However, as we all know, it is one thing getting to this stage but another entirely to make any money from it in the saturated ‘streaming boxes’ market.

Available early 2017, retailers to be advised
UK SRP £1,499

More information on the Website

Specification below

2 unit of 1.5″ Transducer
5.25″ Subwoofer
DSP Tech.
2.1 audio channel
360° Sound Coverage

Slot-loading CD player
DLNA/ Play-Fi wireless
Bluetooth + EDR with aptX
FM Radio (RDS)
Clock/Wakeup to FM
8x8x8 Matrix dot LED display
Remote control (24keys)
Spotify / Pandora / Tidal / Deezer compatibility
USB only for firmware update / device change

W428 x D245 x H238.5 mm

Music power : 200w
(50W x2 + 100W x1)

DC In / 24V 3A
Wi-Fi Antenna x2
Bluetooth Antenna x1

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