Stranger to Stranger

Stranger to Stranger

Paul Simon

After the debacle of purchasing Dylan’s latest release, wrong format (no MQA or hi res available) and poor tired music, I thought I would listen to Stranger to Stranger by another genius, Paul Simon.  No lame tired covers here although there is a slight uncomfortable familiarity, as though he had some tracks left over and a few oddly named instruments hanging around (the gopichand, bamboo marimba, zoomoozophone) from Graceland, something like that?  Still the music is very satisfying and produced with the highest and clearest of production values.    Lyrically there are challenging patches too, referring to the Sandy Hook School shooting in Connecticut, Simon recounts being ‘Frightened by the tone of a call at the dead of night’ in ‘The Riverbank’.

After five years, we might have expected a bit more content, this album is shorter than Dylan’s and with two of these now frequent pauses in the album, so we can all find some space, but I felt the album was just getting going again but then it suddenly ended in an insomniac’s slumber.

My highlights are ‘The Riverbank’, ‘Proof of Love’ and ‘Cool Papa Bell’ (explicit).  I love the Insomniac’s Lullaby too. I’ve got a feeling this is a keeper

Album – Stranger to Stranger
Artist – Paul Simon
Source – Tidal
Player – iMac
Amplification/Output – Audio Pro LV33
Released – 3 June 2016
11 Tracks, 37’05”

1. “The Werewolf” ****
2. “Wristband” ***
3. “The Clock” – interlude I (?)
4. “Street Angel” ***
5. “Stranger To Stranger” ****
6. “In A Parade” ***
7. “Proof Of Love” ****
8. “In the Garden Of Edie” – interlude II
9. “The Riverbank” ***
10. “Cool Papa Bell” ****
11. “Insomniac’s Lullaby” ****

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