Oppo BDP-105D – Out of the box

Oppo BDP-105D – Out of the box

This is the Oppo BDP-105D , fresh out of the box. I wanted to say to all other manufacturers of super slinky nice boxes, like this, to look at the packaging used by Oppo, on almost all of their products but this one in particular.   The unboxing is a far more important process than many give it credit for, it forms the very first impressions of a new product, or brand and is very important in setting expectations.  Just think Apple.  Other manufacturers listen up!

Oppo BDP-105D unboxing

First up the box is robust and proper thick cardboard.


Second up it opens neatly from the centre, like the HA-1 did, no bloody staples to stab you with or to ruin the box.  The Insert immediately gets you excited.

 Oppo BDP-105D


Then, you get the leads in a nice Oppo styled box and a neat shopping bag to save the planet! Oppo BDP-105D Oppo BDP-105D


After that, just plug it in, am I able to still use awesome at nearly 50 years old?   The Oppo BDP-105D is a 3D Blu-ray , DVD, SACD, CD player and a bundle of other formats that I will get to when I review it!  It looks like it streams too, which will be amazing.  It features the SABRE32 Reference ES9018 from ESS Technology.  I am wondering out loud if this is my ultimate multi media interface!   The review will follow, however I will focus on the two channel capabilities, probably.








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