Audiolab M-ONE Announced for August

Audiolab M-ONE Announced for August

Audiolab M-ONE

Digital and Analogue inputs are clearly labelled

Audiolab has announced a new integrated amplifier with a DAC to compliment M-DAC family, it’s called the M-ONE. The M-ONE is based on the M-DAC+, Audiolab’s flagship DAC , it has the same OLED display and the same chassis, but it has an integrated amplifier too, with room for several digital and analogue sources.  

The DAC is based on the ES9018 Sabre32 Reference chip family from ESS Technology – in this case, the recently introduced two-channel ES9018K2M, little brother to the flagship eight-channel ES9018 chip found in the M-DAC+.  The DAC section processes PCM data to 32 bits and 384kHz via USB.  The USB supports DSD to DSD256; Audiolab claim DSD is supposedly playing an important role in developing future hi-res audio, but try and buy a DSD file these days of a latest release (personal view).

The amplifier technology mixes high quality components controlling the volume by analogue into a class AB power amplifier.  There is 40W of output into 8 ohms, so plenty there.  In addition there is a headphone amp at the front that is featured in the M-DAC and M-DAC+.  Additionally there are two USB inputs, one Type B for laptops and MACs and one Type A for iPods and the like.  There is a Coax and optical digital input as well as aptX Bluetooth codec support.

This spec, together with two analogue phono inputs, sounds great.  I’ll see if I can get hold of one of these for review.  The Audiolab M-ONE is available from August in finely textured black or silver. RRP is £799.95.

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