Everything You’ve Come To Expect

Everything You’ve Come To Expect

The Last Shadow Puppets

‘The Age of Understatement’ was was brash, loud and exciting, rangy in both rhythm and scope

This really is ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ from The Last Shadow Puppets, except I wanted more based on recent form from these two. High quality music production, some good tracks, a Everything You've Come To Expectgood listen but thats about it. One for the fans I think? I really liked the first album by The Shadow Puppets formed by touring mates Miles Kane and Alex Turner. ‘The Age of Understatement’ was was brash, loud and exciting;  Jangly but rangy in both rhythm and scope.
In the mean time the very cool ‘Don’t Forget Who you Are’ by Miles Kane emerged which was similarly rhythmic and if anything a step forward from the ‘Puppets’ offering.  I listen to it often, still, it is a very good and well produced album, as it seems to me…  Also during this time Arctic Monkeys released the amazing modern vinyl standard ‘A.M.’ so both Kane and Turner have produced their best work since the debut album, so this album ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ is a fraction disappointing for me, maybe my expectations were too high?  Anyway, this is very good music and it is growing on me, lots of four stars, I note. This album is very well produced but as I say a bit calmer than before, maybe we’re all getting older.

I’ve just noticed by the way that if you hit the album art in Tidal on Chrome it turns the record for you, that’s a nice touch.

Album – Everything You’ve Come To Expect
Artist – The Last Shadow Puppets
Source – Tidal
Player – Asus/Chrome
Amplification/Output – Roksan K3 DAC+Roksan K3 Inte Amp/B&W CM7
Released – 1 April 2016
12 Tracks, 40’28”

Aviation – ****
Miracle Aligner – ****
Dracula Teeth – ***
Everything You’ve Come To Expect – ***
The Element of Surprise – ***
Bad Habits – ***
Sweet Dreams, TN – ****
Used to be my Girl – ****
She Does the Woods – ***
Pattern – ***
The Dream Synopsis – ****
The Bourne Identity – ****

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