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More wonderful music from Ray LaMontagne, Ouroboros is his first crack at an album, rather than a bunch of great songs on a release, like ‘Supernova’,’God Willing…’, and of course ‘Trouble’. It sounds like he will be touring the album in its entirety too. The words ‘concept’ and ‘album’ spring to mind immediately, but with a Grammy already in the bag, why wouldn’t you?

Ouroboros is a dragon like creature that is drawn in a circle eating its own tail, not sure what that’s about and there is not much on interviews to explain this either. Unless the album is a full circle road trip type thing. LaMontagne talks in interview of journeys and audio experimentation. This album is certainly one of those, and I can’t see the tracks hitting Radio 6 Music this side of eternity but the production, hushed vocals and moments of meditation will draw many in, me especially. I fancy it on vinyl for quieter nights in with a book and reflective exhaustion. Probably before ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, I’m not sure yet. The ‘Murmuration of Starlings’ is a wonderful, ethereal moment that falls into the following track and they both will surely fold into ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ on a quieter evening.

Album – Ouroboros
Artist – Ray LaMontagne
Source – Tidal
Player – Apple iMac/Chrome
Amplification/Output – Audio Pro LV33
Released – January 2016
8 Tracks, 39’40”

Homecoming – ***
No Pressure – ****
The Changing Man – ***
While It Still Beats – ***

In My Own Way – ****
Another Day – ***
The Murmuration of Starlings – ****
Wouldn’t It Make a Lovely Photograph – ***

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