Monitor Audio Soundframe

Monitor Audio Soundframe

These Monitor Audio Soundframe speakers are discreet loudspeakers that can be placed on the wall and with the choice of grilles they can match interior design without compromising sound quality.

The SoundFrame range comprises two models. SoundFrame1 adopts the aspect of a typical portrait picture frame and is designed for music and film audio in front left/right and surround location. GSF1ICN3SoundFrame 2 is a longer centre channel speaker designed for visual harmony with thin televisions. Sound Frame 2 can also be placed in a vertical position to match larger displays. To create the SoundFrame speakers, Monitor Audio have found a way to build their famously natural sound quality into an ultra-slender cabinet that is just 87mm (3.5″) deep.

The key of course will be sound quality and I will see if I can get a listen.    Although these have been on the market for a while it looks like the price is starting to look very attractive and the range of grilles should now match all tastes (see the Slash frame!).  The sound frames start at £450 each.

There are many many grille options, that are here: Monitor Audio Grilles.



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