116 – Os Mutantes

116 – Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes, not getting it to be honest. Brazilian fare and they sounded as if they were breaking the mould in terms of crazy liberalisation in an oppressive Brazilian dictatorship. I don’t really like the music much, it is too anarchic and unstructured in a cluttered, ‘can’t really relax and enjoy it’ kind of way. So interesting, I think the end of the album settles down better but again it is quite un-interesting. ‘Ave Ghengis Khan’ is a neat track and I like it but there is nothing here to excite the blood flow. It’s Hendrix and ‘Electrc Ladyland’ next, that will get the blood flowing!

Favourite Track – Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour, Ave Ghengis Khan.
Released – 1968
Rating – 5.5, at best, didn’t get it at all

Source – Tidal FLAC
Player/Streamer – Chrome on Apple iMac
Amplifier – Audio Pro LV33
Output – Audio Pro LV33

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