115 – The Sounds of India

115 – The Sounds of India

Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar was described by George Harrison as the ‘Godfather of World Music’, this after many months learning the ways of the sitar, from Shankar in 1965. Shanker offers here a four minute introduction to Indian, or Hindustani Classical Music to be accurate. He introduces the ideas of ‘Ragas’ which are melodic riffs with different scales. This is a nice and peaceful album but ultimately not really as relaxing as you feel it should be with the hard edges of the sitar grating after a while. It’s not one for detailed headphones, I’ll say that.

Favourite Track – Any of them, really
Released – LP, 1968
Rating – 6.6

Source – Tidal FLAC
Player/Streamer – Chrome on Apple iMac
Amplifier – Audio Pro LV33
Output – Audio Pro LV33

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