Live at Carnegie Hall

Live at Carnegie Hall

Ryan Adams

Carnegie Hall

I purchased “Live at Carnegie Hall”, six pieces of glorious vinyl from Ryan Adams’ PaxAm Records before Christmas.  I have the first pressing, which I now note is not available from the PaxAm store.  I bought the vinyl set because I have wanted to get my hands on the 15 piece ‘Life after Deaf’ collection of city-wide recordings for a long time now but I think it is deleted.  The eBay versions are not affordable.  I must say, however, that Tidal has ‘Life After Deaf’ on it , which I greatly appreciate.

The recordings are taken over two nights at Carnegie Hall, right in the heart of New York, on 15th and 17th November 2014.   Interestingly, there are 12 sides of vinyl (obviuously) but only 10 sides of music , with both side 6s containing a full side of rambling thanks and applause, strange but indulgent.

My copy comes with a FLAC download of the full concert which is excellent for my portable needs, though no applause laden track is presented.  Live at Carnegie Hall

There is no review per se, simply to say it is beautiful to own, feel and place lovingly on the turntable platter.  “Sylvia Plath” has never sounded better to me, granted I’m listening on a Michell Gyro SE.  My other track highlights have always been ‘Sweet Carolina’ and ‘New York…’ both of which also sound wonderful.

The Michell review is in full edit as we speak, although I am currently upgrading the tone arm with the  “Rega TechnoWeight” counterweight so it may be somewhat delayed.

So Ryan Adams’ music pervades all in this household, our modern day Dylan, in my humble opinion.

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