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Coming up on my site these next few weeks will be reviews of two very nice turntables, the T+A G2000 R, one part of the new T+A R series which really does look fabulous.   I have actually got the moving coil cartridge and the built in phono stage so this is a very impressive package.   I also have a Michell GyroDec, with a power supply upgrade and an Orbe platter upgrade (it is massive, lovely).   I also have, from my lovely friends from Rega Research, anMichael Gyrodec RB303 tonearm with an Exact cartridge which should add to the whole experience.  I am toying with the idea of fitting the TechnoWeight to this new arm but I’m currently holding back on this ‘upgrade’.  I am advised by a chappie at Michell that an upgrade will certainly add to the GyroDec and it can be fitted to the RB303 tonearm.

Also coming up will be a look at the latest Atlas Zeno headphone cable range, they have been burnt in and first impressions are impressive.

MG_1518-www-hicky-co-ukI’ll also be looking at a couple of pairs of Lindy headphones that have impressed me in the last two weeks, notably the BNX-60, wireless noise cancelling headphones and the Lindy HF-110 open backed headphones which, at their respective points, are definitely worth consideration.


I am also chasing up other exciting reviews to come in the next few weeks.  Simon

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