Arcam MusicBoost for iPhone6

Arcam MusicBoost for iPhone6

Arcam MusicBoost

Arcam of Cambridge: MusicBOOST iPhone 6 Digital Audio Upgrade

Arcam has today launched officially the Arcam MusicBoost, that turns an iPhone 6 into a serious music player; improving audio quality, driving headphones with more power and adding to the overall battery capacity.   Seen and heard by me early November it is a fully licensed ‘Made for iPhone’ no wire full length sleeve that slots into the lightening output, feels right and definitely adds to the musical potential of the iPhone 6. There is no iPhone 6 Plus version announced or planned.   The Arcam MusicBoost combines a DAC, headphone amplifier and battery pack with an effective protective case.

Hopefully, I’ll have a listen later this month and I will come back with more information.


The UK price is £120, it’s on Amazon, but be quick, there are only 4 shown!

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