113 – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter

113 – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter

The Incredible String Band

Back to my 1001 journey, though I note a newer version of my book, with ‘Unknown Pleasures’ on the cover, as opposed to my ‘VU & Nico’ banana copy, has emerged for Christmas with Adele in it; I’ll bet this is one of the albums that’s dropped out!

The Incredible String Band, slightly out of tune, pitchy, folk music that seems a bit self indulgent rather than profoundly important to the many bands who followed or who claim to be influenced by it.  It seems hard for me to believe this album influenced Robert Plant as he was compiling Led Zep 1, I wonder if this is a Wikijoke?.

‘The Minotaurs Song’ raised a slight smile from me, of relief mainly.  ‘A Very Cellular Song’ is horrible to listen to, to be honest, it is bizarrely structured, being 13 minutes or so long and it has no rhythm, lyrical value (to me), or musical merit. It feels like they should have broken the ideas into several songs. Is it any wonder I’m struggling to get through these albums.  Oh well, at least it is the Kinks next but flicking forward the next 20 or so are going to slow in coming with the probable exception of ‘Electric Ladyland’.

The Incredible String Band, Summary

Favourite Track – Minotaur Song, for stupid lyrics, at best
Released – 1968
Rating – 6.0, lucky to get to 6!

In a new feature I’ll list the equipment I’m using because I’ve had quite an array to date.   Shame I’ve had such great equipment to listen to this difficult music but there we are.  Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced” was fantastic on this equipment!

Source – Tidal App on iPad, FLAC format
Player/Streamer – Naim NAC-N 272
Amplifier – Naim NAP250
Output – B&W CM7

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