Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20

Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20

This is a review of the excellent Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20 that I’ve been playing with for a good month now.  It basically records your car journeys with no interaction or fuss.

Setting up the Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20

Setting the Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20 is very easy indeed, out of the box, stick the cam on your windscreen (not behind the tax disc as I have here) then it is powered from a cigarette charger that has two USB outputs so the other one can be used for phones, sat navs or the like.  You will also need to have a mini SD card to plug into the Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20 but these are now widely available and cheap these days.   The only other thing to note is that there is plenty of USB wire to go around, I tucked my leads into the glove box and ran the lead up onto the dashboard.


Kaiser Bass Dashcam R20



The Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20 records your journeys in 5 minute chunks as .MOV files, you can watch them on Quicktime.  When you are driving it tells you it is switching on then it just records the trip in chunks, the hi res 2.7inch screen, ‘sleeping’ during the journey with the time on it.  There is no file management needed although there is a menu (that I have not used) for deleting the odd journey if that is needed.  In simple terms I have just plugged it in and left it, it has GPS  so if you do have an accident it should help you articulate your story, whether it was your fault or not? You can consider yourself  safe in the knowledge that if you do have an incident, the story is recorded and no claims and insurance premiums can be safeguarded.  There is a software package to help manage your movie files that helps you trace the GPS information (I have not done this, I should add).

Unfortunately, due to the size of the files (over 440 MB for 5 minutes in 1080p) I can only show you seven or eight seconds of a movie, however you will see how clear and detailed the recording is.  I’ve used a 32 GB miniSD.

Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20 excerpt, click here:  trim3

Note that the Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20 records in 1080p hi definition as well as collecting in car audio, so there is road noise, radio noise and your conversations are recorded (interesting!).  It can record to 1296p, a higher resolution, or 720p

I’m not clear as yet about the legal stuff around this (private data, number plates, locations and time) and that might be something to consider.  Insurers may offer a discount if you have one fitted.  I guess if that discount is more than the cost, it’s a no brainer?

The Kaiser Baas Dashcam R20 is priced at £169.99, other solutions, the R10+ or R30, are available.

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