There’s a reason that the Execs at Columbia records are not streaming this album; it’s not good enough for you to listen to and then rush out to buy it so they won’t make as much money, so they flog it to us until Christmas and then there will be another ‘Spotify’ launch in the new year.

This is basically more of the same from Adele, mournful album cover, fantastic voice, good (occasionally great) lyrics, some music and nice acoustic guitars.  There’s nothing ground breaking here.  Indeed, I thought ‘All I Ask’ was going to be ‘Chasing Pavements’.  Still it’s what we need and Adele is back, for Christmas.  It is grower, so be warned.

Overall, the music is OK, unambitious, the lyrics stand out often, but I’m glad I’m not married to Adele; she does go on and on about her previous beaus, blimey, you’d have an inferiority complex.  Also, very noticeable is that most of the songs refer to the angst of love and romance, (I’m your) ‘Remedy’, ‘Hello’, ‘Send My Love’… etc.  All of them in fact.  And if you think about it, she does spend a lot of time reflecting on the past, interesting, since Adele is not 47, but just 27.  Mind you with 10 Grammys I suppose you would.

So, lots of time looking back and generally pleasant music for family meals but not as exciting as 21.  But just wait for Adele’s heart breaking performance of either ‘Remedy’ or ‘Million Years Ago’ at the BRITs next year (my prediction), either of them could be another ‘Someone Like You’ moment, leaving James Corden speechless.

By the way, is it just me or is ‘Hello’ really badly put together?  The backing music seems to be unhappily buried in bowels of my amplifier, rather than moving the music forward and accompanying her voice?

My Track Rating for 25

Hello – ***

Send My Love (to your new lover) – **

I Miss You – ***

When we were Young – ***

Remedy – ***

Water Under the Bridge – ***

River Lea – ***

Love in the Dark – ***

Million Years Ago – *****

All I Ask – ****

Sweetest Devotion –  **


11 Tracks, 49 mins

Released – Friday, 20th November

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