Naim Streamer Upgrade Update

Naim Streamer Upgrade Update

I’ve successfully upgraded my Naim Uniti 2 with the new upgrade without issue.  The Naim bit was seamless, the Tidal bit of a no show.

Naim Streamer Upgrade

The upgrade to the streamer really is as simple as described on the Naim Streamer Upgrade.  I would recommend the Youtube video, purely to give you the confidence of playing about with your fabulous hardware.

I would also recommend having a quiet moment  before starting and a sharp intake of breath.  After installation I am delighted that my clock is finally correct and will presumably now automatically correct for GMT later this month.

My App has similarly, though mysteriously, updated.  I think being Android means the App has updated itself retaining my playlists and radio stations.

Tidal Subscription

Sadly, the redeemable code for Tidal, for me, is not working.  I’ve tried the redeem code, both through the Naim App and through Tidal themselves and it does not seem to work.  There is nothing on the Forum so I think it may be me.

I’ll keep you posted.

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