Groov>>e Power Pack GV-CH12000

Groov>>e Power Pack GV-CH12000

Just had to write a few words about my current favourite ‘Man-bag’ companion.  It is the Groov>>e Power Pack GV-CH12000.  It is basically a big 12,000mAh battery charger that is properly excellent.  I have charged my Nexus 5 Android Phone from less than 10% charge four times to full with the Power pack 4 LED battery power  indicator still saying I have 16- 25% capacity.   My phone takes a couple of hours to charge from less than 10% so there is little difference betwethe Power Pack and direct USB charging from the wall.  The Power pack itself charges back to full power (4  LEDs is 100%) overnight using a standard USB-mini connector, i.e the same connector as my phone.  My Nexus 5 phone has a battery capacity of 2,300mAh, so this 12,000 mAh battery should be good for more than four charges.

Out of the box

You get

  • a USB charger with three different tips, USB B, USB mini and a ‘Nokia’ charger (i.e nothing Apple but use your own USB charging cable anyway?
    Groov>>e Power Pack GV-CH12000

    Nexus 5, power pack, pouch and a collection of tips for charging

  • A carry Travel Pouch
  • A Groov>>e Power Pack GV-CH12000

They come in White, white or white, I believe.

The Power Pack itself feels well built but is not so heavy at 270 grams, but it not going in your pocket to be sure.  It is very slim at 13mm, despite being bigger than my  phone.    One other nice feature is it has two USB outputs, one 4A and the other, a tricke-ly, presumably slower (not verified by me) 1A.  There is one little nice feature, a torch that you can use with the double click of a button.  Daft but ultimately useful compared to using the phone.


Just buy one, I love it.  Amazon will do the job.

Groov>>e Power Pack GV-CH12000 – Overview

12,000 mAh
1A output AND 4A ouput
slim 153x73x13mm
USB charges to full over-night (12 hours)
4 light charge level indicator

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