Acoustic Research UA1 – out of the box

Acoustic Research UA1 – out of the box

The Acoustic Research UA1 is a USB headphone amplifier and USB DAC.

Out of the box

Out of the box it is aesthetically lovely, as many of these things are these days.  In the box is the Acoustic Research UA1 sound module itself a USB A-B cable and a software installation CD.  The Module itself is encased in brushed aluminium case, described as aerospace-grade alloys.  The idea is that it offers anti vibration properties.  The sides have what look like vents along their length, the top has a neat understated AR logo on it.  The ends are gloss black moulded plastic presumably.  The feel is sleek and classy, heavy and expensive. Acoustic Research UA1

I’ll set this up over the weekend and report in next week, can’t wait.  Is it going to take on the Oppo HA-2 and win?  I’ll let you know.

The The Acoustic Research UA1 is retailing at just shy of £400.



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