Groov-e bluetooth headphones

Groov-e bluetooth headphones

Groov-e is a new consumer brand formed only in 2007, I had a pair of the kids headphones and they are great, excellent indeed. The kids Boombox is perfect as a first CD for young ones.

These Bluetooth headphones are called Groov-e Wave GVBT100B, or something like that. They are wireless, have a microphone built in and are simply rechargeable with apparently 10 hours of battery life, plenty!

Build Quality and Design

The build is good they are light, have a nice feel and the on ear pads are soft.  The design of the headphone is smaller with on-ear pads that rest comfortably on your lobes. There is no weight to speak of. The headphones have a closed understated back, there is sound leakage being on ear but nothing to speak of, reportedly!

There is a plastic ratchet type system to adjust for the size of your head, I’m not sure how long they will last before getting loose but they have lasted fine for the last month of poolside nonsense, dog walking and lawn mowing so no complaints so far. When you put them on and wiggle your head around the grip is good and not too tight. Long walks show no fatigue either on or in the ear.GVBT100B_3_1_1folded

Bluetooth connecting is generally good with my Nexus 5 Android phone. For general walking around, phone in pocket, lawn cutting, etc. I have no complaints at all.  The ‘phones fold up pretty small for coat pocket storage.


The sound is fine for everyday listening. There is not much point in discussing dynamics or soundstages but the overall delivery is fine and good enough for active listening.  Pianos are pleasant as are vocals but as always, bass reproduction is always tricky at this price point. At £30 pounds, for Bluetooth enabled headphones, these are well worth a look. I’ve charged it up once, I think using a USB-B cable that come with them.

One neat feature, once you get the hang of it, is the pause, track skip buttons on the left ear (there are volume controls on the right). Still it works and is fun.

Value for Money

At this price, blimey, why not. All good at this price level, question is are they going to last



No wires,  no hassle

Stay on nicely

Comfortable on ear

Pairing dead easy

Bass reproduction

Groov-e Wave Bluetooth headphones retailing at £29.99.
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