105 – I had too much to dream

105 – I had too much to dream

The Electric Prunes

Full title – I had too much to dream (last night)

The Electric Prunes, largely unexciting fare given the joy, excitement and pace of Jimi Hendrix, really, there was nothing here for me.  I’m dusting off Hendrix’s ‘Axis:Bold as Love’ literally as we speak whilst listening to Loretta Lynn who is next.  The title track is probably as good as it gets on this album.  Turns out the Prunes were discovered in garage but were soon found to have little song-writing capability. So the songs penned for them were given their psychedelic twist and the rest was very nearly history.  Maybe there was a reason they were in a garage (he.. he..), just kidding.

Released – 1967

Favourite Track – I had too much to dream (last night)

Rating – 5.3, Preferred the ’13th Floor Elevators’, which is saying something!

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