104 – Are you Experienced

104 – Are you Experienced

Jimi Hendrix

Sublime music from the wanderer, James Marshall Hendrix.   The music is incredibly exciting and almost nothing like anything heard so far.

Hendrix started out early, leaving school and joining the army.  But luckily for us, not him , he was invalided out with a broken ankle and an injured back.  Hendrix started gigging, firstly with the Isley Brothers across the US, then a tour with B.B. King, Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke came through Nashville and Hendrix joined the train.  What must that have been like?  After this time he joined Little Richard and the Joey Dee (who was big in 1966).  Hendrix was persuaded by the Animal’s manager to come to London and Jimi Hendrix stretched out.

This album was quite hurriedly recorded by all accounts, money being tight at the time and Hendrix was clearly in a rush, what a sound.  The music is crazy, ‘Third Stone from the Sun’ is a seven minute trip for Hendrix and his band, this track is followed by the wonderful ‘Remember’ with its driving and rhythmical lope.  This is my most exciting listen so far, notwithstanding the wonderful Dylan albums to date.  I think I’m a guitar man, the fact he was a ‘leftie’, like me(!!), seems to add to the aura.

I’ve got a copy of this on vinyl that is probably an original.  It looks like it has been to a few parties, that’s for sure!  The vinyl sounds very different in fact, I guess being an original mix.  It was disappointing to listen to, mainly because the bass is so understated and underwhelming.  I particularly like ‘Remember’ because of the outstanding baseline that comes through.  Using a headphone amplifier (Oppo HA-2) and in ear monitors (thinksound) the bass comes to life on my music player.  So not all vinyl is better than a digital copy!

Favourite Track – Remember

Rating – 9.75, I’d give it 10 but I think I should hold back

Released –  June 1967

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