Bluesound Node Review

Bluesound Node Review

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The Good: A very high quality component that connects easily and delivers a high resolution streaming solution for your home.

The Bad: None to speak of

The Bottom Line:  If you have an existing system and are looking for a place to start in streaming, this is the place to look.  It is an excellent product that will take you forward for many years

The Bluesound Node is a wireless streaming music player that finally connects all of your digital music to any existing stereo system.

Designed to stream in HD, the Bluesound Node fully supports all music streaming formats (like MP3 and AAC), and houses a high-performance sigma-delta 24bit/192kHz DAC that even handles high-resolution formats (beyond CD quality) such as FLAC and OGG. There is also a digital optical output that could be used on a DAC or other digital amplifier.

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