Raumfeld Product Launch

Raumfeld Product Launch

This article was produced by myself but was written for, and was published by, LetsTalkTech.com.   See the enclosed link for the full article.

Set up in 2008 as a project by two German DJ audiophiles, the Raumfeld brand has been developed in conjunction with German loudspeaker manufacturer Teufel. Their new suite of streaming products (released earlier this month) include high quality floor-standing room fillers, very stylish book shelf cubes and a simple high quality speaker for your ‘quieter rooms’.

All of the products are bound together with a clean and simple to use multi room app that performs on all the usual tablets and operating systems you would expect.

The Raumfeld range will retail primarily online, in a very continental approach to consumer products. There will be a few flagship stores set-up outside of the existing sales territories of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


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