Lindy BTS-360 NFC Bluetooth Speaker

Lindy BTS-360 NFC Bluetooth Speaker

Turn ‘Near Field Communication On’ on your device, tap-to-pair…..Do dal I dee……Doop Doop……Blloop…….

These little Bluetooth speakers are really coming on.  A latest incarnation from Lindy, the lavishly named BTS-360 NFC Bluetooth, is a fine contribution to this arena. Firstly, it is nicely presented; posh box, simple plain instructions, good quality finish, attractive colours, if you like black and red (I do). Secondly, it is profoundly simple to connect, particularly if you have NFC (Near Field Communication) on your phone, I do, on my Nexus Android. Just follow the instructions above, listen out for the various ‘ diddle le doops’ and you’re away.  If you want to connect with Bluetooth ordinarily you can, it just takes a fraction longer…hence the invention of NFC.<

Lindy, an electronics company who are everything to do with connectors, leads, splitters and cable and everything else wired and consumable have recently entered the audio arena with some style.

Their recent Cromo IEM-75 ear buds were quite a treat, with large dual drivers presented in a comfortable bud.Lindy Cromo IEM75

Back to the BTS 360, one of the things that Lindy seem to have cracked (to the limited extent it can be) is to generate a bass sound that is useful, listenable and pleasing.

At the back of the box, is a ‘bass tube’, designed to resonate and enhance the bass sound in a similar way to many floorstanders, and it works. I have been pleasantly surprised by this neat little box, which has moved next to my bed side for pleasant reading purposes, the Cyrus soundcan has been moved out.

In respect of range, I have had little problem wandering around with a phone in my pocket and the speaker on the bedside or windowsill, as the name suggests, the sound is projected in a 360 degree arc.  A ten meter range is claimed, I don’t have a room big enough to test this fully but I’m prepared to accept the blurb, based on many hours of playing with this.

Finally turn it off, more little ‘diddles’…..’Dooool’…’Diddle de do’

The LINDY BTS-360 is available in the UK now priced at £59.94 and can be purchased from or from for customers in Eire

For further information, visit –

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