97 – The Doors

97 – The Doors

The Doors

Really like this classic album that needs, in my view, to be turned up to ’11’.  With such simplicity in the recording, with todays modern ears, I think there is more to be taken from this album, my solution is to turn it up. ‘Break on through’ is an example of this where the pace of the record and the distorted guitars demand volume.

One of the problems the Doors now have is that the hammy Organ  is reminiscent, quintessentially now, of Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell boogieing in a scene from the film.  Just listen to Soul Kitchen! Obviously this is very unfair on The Doors as at the time this would have been the ‘sound of the summer’.

Still, ‘Light my Fire’ is a great track and it makes me want to watch the Oliver Stone film of Jim Morrison, starring Val Kilmer.  More Organs though, not Hammond ones, as I assumed but the transistor based Vox Continental Organ, played by Ray Manzarek.

‘The End’, an outrageous 12 minute song about, well Jim Morrison, lust and death I suppose, is a melancholy song that talks about ‘The End’ being his only friend, six months later Jim Morrison was dead. Sadly he joined the 27 Club on his early death, soon to be joined by Jimi Hendrix, latterly Amy and Kurt Cobain.

Released – 1967

Favourite Track – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar), for the daft fun of it, then Light My Fire

Rating – 7.6

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