MiPow Santa Claus arrives

MiPow Santa Claus arrives

MiPOW Santa Claus turned up just before Christmas with some exceptionally useful gadgetty bits; good for me, not great for you, still new year, new toys.  MiPOW, an authorised manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc., is a
global leader in premium mobile device accessories.  So I received a  bundle of usefulness; a sleek double (two port) USB LED wall charger, a dual port USB car charger and a micro USB LED charge and sync cable.  I also received a generic 4 port USB hub for a laptop.

All four of them are very carefully crafted, the USB hub has won a European design award, and ooze Apple-esque quality, reflecting the Apple relationship.

Above is the two port USB LED wall charger; the charger glows blue when the power is on so you can turn it off when it is not being used. It is flush to the socket and the pins fold in for ease of transport.  The top of the wall charger rotates so you can ensure secure USB connection in tighter areas. The design is simple, high quality and totally functional.DSC_0156

You can also see the micro USB cable plugged into my Android Nexus 5. The cable blinks as it charges and when it stops blinking the device is charged, simple, but brilliant. Note the wall charger top has been rotated 90 degrees.


Next from MiPOW is the totally fabulous DOUBLE USB car charger.  Basically we all have a car charger these days MiPow car chargerbut how many times do we need two USBs either in the front of the car for the parents or in the back seat for the array of child pacifiers we need these days on longer car journeys?




Before, old dusty laptop with one USB port



After, four USB ports, no fuss, still dusty though


Then, I’m off to London, roll it up and I’m off.

MiPow Multi USB hub

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