2014 Top 10 Albums

2014 Top 10 Albums

War on Drugs

It’s awards season, what’s my Top 10, here I go.

2014, a good year for new music, in my view.  I however have been quite reflective and retrospective in the last year, continuing my (very slow) journey of “1001 albums before I die” and also spending a disproportionate amount of time listening to Radiohead; where every time I hear something new to hear and reflect on.

My album of the year came out in March and is The War on Drugs’ “Lost in a Dream” album.  A beautiful piece of music that is a true album, with few outstanding tracks but a tonally complete piece, the title track is a beautiful track I never tire of.

My other favourite albums include “Supernova” by Ray LaMontagne.  This was a wild departure from the previous acoustic lyrical material of the past but it was a step up and a bold move forward, great music, loved it, listen to it all the time.

Also worthy of mention is Ben Howard’s difficult second album “I forget where we are” which was a really nice piece and beautifully produced.  It is a joy to listen to and I have listened to it a lot this few months.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed the U2 album which was very exciting at the time for me and is, in fact a very good album with many excellent tracks.

This blog will turn into a new website this year (with a following wind) as will my 1001 albums blog.


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