I Forget Where We Were

I Forget Where We Were

Ben Howard

The difficult ‘second album’

The difficult ‘second album’ turns out to be an ethereal, reflective, slightly downbeat but lovingly put together collection of well produced songs.  It was almost bound to be a musical let down, ‘Every Kingdom’ was an unbelievably good debut and deserved all the plaudits and Mercury Music attention that came with it.
So the collection is good, many songs are, shall we say, lengthy ( ‘End of the affair’ is nearly eight minutes, ‘Conrad’ is six minutes).  This is not a criticism necessarily but I’m not sure it is going to be on the Radio 2 A list or whatever it is called but it will appeal to those who like their reflective, peaceful and mellow, ‘London Grammar’ style of passionate music wafting through the house on a Saturday morning.  There is an echo of the The Joshua Tree in here, not sure that The Edge is a musical influence but tracks like ‘End of the affair’ are layered beautifully with endless guitars and hoarse lyrics.

It’s going to grow on me for sure and we will look forward to the next offering from our modern day indie-folk songster, Dylanesque is a long stretch but this guy has got ‘it’.  I can’t help thinking sometimes what would happen if Ben Howard and Thom Yorke got together just how good it could it could be, but I guess things don’t work like that.

Small things ***
Rivers in your mouth  ***
I forget where we were  ****
In Dreams  ***
She treats me well  ****
Time is dancing **
Evergreen **
End of the affair  ****
Conrad  ***

All is now harmed  ***

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