90 – Goodbye and Hello

90 – Goodbye and Hello

Tim Buckley

Tim, Jeff’s Dad, is for me a bit wishy washy if I’m honest, some nice rhythms but not much happening for me in either lyrics or the music.  I do understand his influence at the time but it just does not happen for me.  Most of the tracks are self penned and the tone that hangs over the record is of (psychedelic?) reflection, referencing the on-developing Vietnam war that pervaded the political scene at this time.

The album itself was released in gatefold form, reflecting the expectations the record company had for it, although why they allowed Buckley to ruin it with a daft bottle top over his eye totally escapes me, it doesn’t seem to tie in with the tone of the record.

Tim Buckley died from drugs soon after his third album which is very sad.  Tim and Jeff left us with the soaring ‘Song to the Siren’ and ‘Hallelujah ‘ respectively, all hail the Buckley dynasty.

Released – 1967

Favourite Track – Once I was

Rating – 6.5

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