89 – Headquarters

89 – Headquarters

The Monkees

Oh boy, struggling to get to a hundred, let alone a thousand and one, but I’m back with verve and purpose. Problem is The Monkees had put me off a bit, in the same way it took me so long to get past The Beau Brummels.  I have convinced myself that with Cream, Pink Floyd and The Velvet Underground on the horizon I must press get on, if I’m to complete this book and move on with my life!

The Monkees, manufactured like an X factor game forty years later, we’re trying to prove a point at this stage by writing some of their music at least and actually playing their instruments.  This is a slightly variable collection of tracks, some ‘skits’ and some otherwise jaunty tracks. ‘Get her off my mind’ is typical of the jaunty inoffensive tone about boys and girls in love.  The album got to number one in the US before being booted out by their rivals The Beatles with ‘Sgt Pepper’s’.   Isn’t it ironic, as Alanis says.

Blatant Beatles Copy Track – No Time (good fun though)

Favourite Track – Forget that Girl (not penned by The Monkees, however)

Rating – 6.8

Released – 1967

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